Shamballa is known in the esoteric tradition of the peoples of northern India and Tibet as the realm of the enlightened. There they have a series of Spiritual Masters who help mankind in their spiritual development and evolution - these are usually known as Ascending Masters.

Master Ascendant Saint Germain brought from Atlantis a healing system with 22 symbols designed to help lift the spiritual vibrations of all beings. He formed a group of scholars called the "Aspirants" who, before the cataclysm, followed their master and left Atlantis to settle in Tibet. Once there, they tried to continue their work of raising spiritual consciousness. To see what effect their approach had, the refugee Atlanteans offered three symbols to several people near the place where they set up camp. The majority of them used the symbols for spiritual evolution, which brought the locals some well-being. Others, however, tried to use the power of symbols in a different way, with the desire to gain power over those around them, creating an ultra-secret system of information, accessible only to a closed circle, of initiated prelates. Because of this, Saint Germaine and the Aspirants decided not to give the other symbols to all people, precisely to prevent them from using their power in a way that would take them away from their true path.

Thousands of years later, Dr. Usui discovered the symbols in Sanskrit writings, which would justify his decision to travel to the area. They helped him understand and develop the system he later called Reiki.

Ascendant Master Germain recently chose John Armitage, also known as Hari Das Melchizedek, to begin sharing the long-hidden healing system with the world. This is how a system with over three hundred symbols came to light, which until now has not been available on Earth in its full form. It seems that Saint Germain's request was to call this system the Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, which I prefer instead Shamballa Reiki. When possible, he will reveal to the people the secrets of activating the Merkabah, thus giving them the strongest possible attunement.

It should be noted that the Shamballa system works with a mixture of several types of energies, among which are:

  • 1
    The Universal Force of Life (often recognized as Reiki);
  • 2
    The Mahatma energy, of the free spirit;
  • 3
    The Energy of Ascending Masters;
  • 4
    The Energy of Christ Consciousness;
  • 5
    The energy of Archangel Michael;
  • 6
    The silver-violet energy(flame) of Saint Germain.
  • 7
    The energy given by Merkabah;
  • 8
    The energy given by the sacred techniques of the Merkabah;
  • 9
    The energy given by the 352 symbols used in this system.

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing is a complete healing system, both because it benefits from an extension of Reiki energies and because the sum of its energies works on several levels. The action of Shamballa energies is manifested not only at the mental, emotional and spiritual level, but also at the deepest levels of the cellular memory of DNA and of the highest vibrations of the energetic body.

The practitioner who works with multidimensional energy Shamballa has access to a stronger natural energy, due to the fact that the attunment he receives removes blockages from the energy channels of his body.

We are all One, and the process of self-healing allows the flow of Shamballa energies to heal the entire planet and its creatures. Thus, working for individual healing, we also implicitly act on the entire surrounding world.

Another thing we need to realize as a practitioner of Shamballa Reiki, and not only, is that it is not always possible to heal people, because the disease they have could be exactly the purpose for which they chose to come on this world.

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing has all 352 symbols, one for each level, from here to the Source, which were provided by Saint Germain.

Shamballa is meant to connect you directly to the Source of Healing through the 352 levels that lead back to the Source of All / Great Spirit / Creator / God.

(Shamballa Level 1 manual)