• “Ki” is the Universal Energy of Life that connects us to an energy that works with light, sounds and vibrations.

  • "Manna" is a type of solid life energy that gathers all the universal energy together to help the operation of sounds, waves and frequencies, light in a solid energy with which one can work on a body.

Ki Manna helps both the one who receives healing and the one who heals because they can see and understand negative energy better and can heal with more efficiency. When Ki Manna energy is combined with the Usui Reiki or other Reiki energies will lead to a stronger heal for both the healer and the healed.

This energy opens the heart and releases the ego so that the soul can become pure, clean and concentrated as it should be. Ki Manna symbol can heal the body and the soul even it is shattered and is in different realities and dimensions. It is necessary to gather in a whole in this reality, the soul and the other personalities (the supreme self, the interior self and the basic self) as well as the other parts that are in other realities. When it is complete it is 100% sure the patient can heal. That's how it works this symbol.


Ki Manna's energy seeks out the other broken pieces of the soul and unites themit fills so intensely with the energy of love that it drives away despair, fear, and pain,the confusion that caused the initial separation. Once awakened and united with every soul, the energy in this symbol vibrates outward to the rest of the planets and even to the universe. Energy also works with other souls such as the Mother Earth, Sun, Moon both the Animal World and the Plant World even with crystals that exist on other planets. It works with other places in other realities and dimensions.Ki Manna symbol works with Pleiadean generators and pyramids for maintaining and conserving energy long after the person who uses it has completed the healing process. The Pleiadeans are beings who exist in other dimensions that help us in the process of evolution and healing. (Leonie Faye, Ki Manna manual)